• Image of "HK:PM Hong Kong Night Life 1974-1989". With Limited Edition, 8x10 inch signed print.

First released Nov 1, 2017.
Third edition 2023
Hard Cover
7x9.5 inches (17.8x24.7cm)
160 pages
Introduction by Hong Kong legendary film director Ann Hui.

With limited edition, 8x10 inch archival print, "United Club, Wanchai, 1974" by Greg Girard. Signed and numbered on back. Edition limited to 100 prints. Printed on Epson Platine cotton-backed paper.

"HK:PM, Hong Kong Night Life 1974-1989" looks at the city I first discovered as a young photographer and where I made my home for fifteen years. During my time in Hong Kong, especially through the 1970s and 1980s, I rarely saw photographs that showed the Hong Kong that I knew and grew attached to, particulary less glamorous parts of the city at night. The only visual references that came close were mostly found in Hong Kong gangster films of the period. So I tried to make pictures of what the city looked and felt like to me: in the bars and clubs, finding my way onto building rooftops and wandering the back streets. Unseen for 30 years, I am thrilled they are finally available in this new book about the city that gave me my start as a working photographer.

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